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Social Media Income Challenge V.I.P

What's Included With The VIP Admission?

  • 5 Days of Social Media Income Training With Spectacular Smith On How to Grow Your Business and Generate Additional Passive Income Utilizing Social Media
  • Additional VIP Challenge Day with Spectacular Smith & Team (takes place Tuesday 07/16, one day before General Admission starts)
  • ​Live Q&A Access During The Challenge
  • ​​1 Hour BONUS Workshop with Spectacular Before All 5 Days of the Challenge With Q&A
  • The Opportunity to Get Brought Up on The Virtual Stage During The Challenge to Talk About Your Business with Spectacular
  • ​Access to Exclusive VIP Telegram Chat So You Can Connect With The Community of Other Entrepreneurs Attending The Challenge As Well As Spectacular Smith and His Team
  • ​​Complimentary LLC Consultation
  • ​Fully Customized Business Credit Session
  • ​Tax Strategy and Tax Reduction Consultation Session For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners
  • ​Access To The Social Media Income Challenge Facebook Group
  • ​​1 Extra Bonus VIP Ticket To Give To A Friend
  • ​Social Media Income Challenge T-Shirt And Virtual Swag

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