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Spectacular Smith & Master P Reveal Proven Social Media Passive Income Strategies You Can Use to Have Multiple Streams of Revenue That Can Quickly Generate $5,000-$10,000 Monthly!

 Dates: August 14th - 18th

VIP & Diamond Admission: 
7pm-10pm EST

General Admission: 
8pm-10pm EST

 Location: Online

 Commitment: One Hour Per Session

In this training, you're going to learn:

 How To Create a Social Media Income stream that has Major Cash flow while you sleep

… and obtain up to $50k to fund the launch of your passive income stream 🚀

 How To Have Consistently SOLD OUT Passive Income Launches (ones that you can rinse & repeat every single time 💰)

 How To Set Up and Automate Your Passive Income Launches Before, During & After

… so you can put your feet up, sip wine, and let your systems do the heavy lifting 💫

 How To Create Your Very Own Launch Workbook Quickly

… so you can step away, delegate to your team, and not do everything alone 😬

 Recordings Are Not Included… you makes sure you take notes, actively engage, implement and have fun! 

I Can’t Wait to Teach You:

 How to think like a media mogul

 How to create money while you sleep by way of passive income that aligns with your passions

 How to build a lucrative course from the ground up

 Everything you need foundationally to crush the competition and automate your income

Join The Social Media Income Challenge For A Chance To Win:

 You'll be entered to win $500 Cash
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5 Days of Strategic Training

During this 5-day class, you will learn Spectacular Smith’s secret method that he has implemented to help THOUSANDS of people just like you start and scale a profitable social media income business!

Day 1

Thinking Like A Social Media Mogul and The Secret To Social Media Passive Income

Day 2

Setup, Strategy and Product Creation That Quickly Generates $10,000 Monthly Passively On Social Media

Day 3

Secret Tools and Processes You Need to Fund, Delegate and Automate a Successful Social Media Passive Income Business

Day 4

The Secret To Accomplishing Greatness Like Industry Titans From Social Media Income

Day 5

The Secrets I Use To Launch Social Media Passive Income Streams While Killing the Competition

Meet Your Mentor

Spectacular Smith

Rapper, Founder of Adwizar, TV Personality, Creator of Grumpy Cat ($100M Brand)

Spectacular Smith

Rapper, Founder of Adwizar, TV Personality, Creator of Grumpy Cat ($100M Brand)

Spectacular Smith

Rapper, Founder of Adwizar, TV Personality, Creator of Grumpy Cat ($100M Brand)

"The Social Media Genius" 
Multi-Millionaire Mentor and Social Media Genius, Spectacular Smith, is an entertainer, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, television personality, author, and philanthropist. He is the Chairman and CEO of Adwizar Inc, Spectacular Academy, and founder of the record label Mula Music Group. The creator of the popular Grumpy Cat meme has made it his mission to bring up the community, inspiring millions to establish their own businesses; creating generational knowledge as well as wealth.
Want to take the guesswork out of launching, so you can bring in your ideal monthly passive income, hit your revenue goals, and SELL OUT your products or services every time?

Hey – I’m Spectacular Smith!

For the first time ever, we are pulling back the curtain to share our Sold-Out Social Media Income Blueprint with YOU. 😍

In this 5-day training challenge, I’m going to show you how to have incredibly profitable social media income launches that you can rinse, repeat, and SCALE every-single-time.

… without getting overwhelmed, or experiencing anxiety and burnout – because trust me, I’ve been there and it isn’t fun.

If you aren’t hitting your income goals, are struggling to find paying clients for your products and services, and feel completely overwhelmed every time you go into a launch, THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU.

I’ve NEVER EVER taught these social media income launch strategies before, so you’re in for a major treat! Space is limited and the 5-day training is first come, first served – so register today and join me.

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Get V.I.P. Access to The Money Making Challenge Today!

  Date: Wed - Sun: August 14th - 18th, 2024

 Recordings Will Not Be Available. I Want You Live with Me and Present

8:00PM - 10:00PM EST

General Admission

$197 $97

(For Dreamers)

Here's What's 

  • 5 Days of Social Media Income Training With Spectacular Smith On How to Make Passive Income, Utilizing Your Passion
  • ​Access To The Social Media Income Challenge General Admission Telegram Group

7:00PM - 10:00PM EST

VIP Admission

$597 $297

(For Entrepreneurs)

Here's What's 

  • Everything in General Admission
  • Additional VIP Challenge Day with Spectacular Smith & Team (takes place Tuesday 08/13, one day before General Admission starts)
  • 1 Hour BONUS Workshop plus Q&A with Spectacular before the Main Session
  • Live Q&A Access During Challenge
  • ​The Chance to Get Brought Up on The Virtual Stage to Talk About Your Business with Spectacular
  • ​Exclusive Mentorship & Coaching with Spectacular Smith
  • Complimentary LLC Consultation
  • ​Fully Customized Business Credit Session
  • ​​Tax Strategy and Tax Reduction Consultation
  • ​Access to VIP Telegram Chat
  • Free T-Shirt & Virtual Swag

7:00PM - 10:00PM EST

Diamond Admission

$1997 $997

(For CEOs)

Here's What's 

(Limited availability)

  • Everything in General Admission and VIP
  • Guaranteed Opportunity to Discuss Your Business and get Mentorship With Spectacular Live on the Virtual Stage
  • Diamond Priority on all Live Q&A Pre-Sessions Access Plus Exclusive Mentorship and Coaching With Spectacular Smith
  • ​Two 30-Minute 1-on-1 Consulting Sessions on Your Business
  • ​Assigned Diamond-Level Sr. Success Advisor
  • ​Assigned Diamond-Level Sr. Accountability Partner
  • Free Hoodie
  • Diamond Badge Virtual Background
  • Access To The Social Media Income Diamond Telegram Chat

This Is For You If...
 You don’t have a proven roadmap or strategy to follow when it comes to launching a passive income stream, your programs, services, or products.
 Your launches are kind-of working, but they aren’t making you enough income.
 You feel anxious and overwhelmed during launches, and you’re sick of sleepless nights, drinking coffee like it’s water, and being attached to your phone or laptop 24/7.
 You want to learn the specific strategies to having profitable, 6-figure, scalable, and repeatable launches.
Hear From Some Social Media Entrepreneurs Who Took Action & Implemented
the Principles I’m Teaching You…
Mighty Duck 
Influencer and Comedian
"People ask me how I get so many followers. I sat down with my boy Spec. Ever since then my followers have been going crazy 400k in a day"
Producer, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
"Spectacular did a spectacular thing today. He took me to school. He brought stuff out of me that I didn't know I had in me."
Ray J
Raycon Global - Co Founder
"Shout out to the whole online Extravaganza Adwizar has created. Thank you for all the checks I deposited"
 Lil Fizz  
Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
"I always get questions about how I made a million dollars in social media. My boy Spec is gonna show you what you need to know"
Spectacular Academy Success Story
Muva made $3000 quickly but also made $300K in a year from the program.
"I actually made money very quickly. It was either the first week or two I made my first $3000."
Kendall Kyndall
"This man right here helped me build my brand, he helped me put money in my pockets. Invest in yourself!"
Shay Your Love 
Diva Levister
Millionaire Student
When Shay joined, she went from $100K to $300K in her next month from the program.
"Your program was the only program that really took me to the next level. I was really struggling about how to make my course to really make me money and you gave me a tip that really worked and skyrocketed my business."
Kenny Perkins
Your Cancer guy
Kenny received over 60K in funding from the challenge.
"It was more than I needed. That was what shocked me because I didn't know that I can get that type of funding. It was just that lucrative to me."
Chantel Melton 
It’s definitely worth the money I spent. With the Instagram and Facebook strategies I was able to implement them and within just a few days I was about to make over 20k in sales.”
Danny Vicente 
“I started the Spectacular Academy program at the beginning of the year. All you need is one video to go viral. I posted a video and got 13 million people reached with 5 million views. With monetization, I would say it's upward of $20K, but, I've seen a passive income of $200 every single month now. Total followers I was at  was 500,000. Now, I'm at 759,984 and it's just compounding!"
Ashlee Jones
“I've exceeded $100K in revenue since being in your program. My followers have increased by 23K. Always appreciate you checking in, and your support!"

Are You Ready to Make Money While You Sleep With Your Passion?

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